Why Use Excel Carpet Cleaning?

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Our success in steam carpet cleaning comes from our dedication to clients using only the highest quality and safest chemicals, materials and equipment. We are known over the last 18 years for professional carpet cleaning with experience in the Calgary and surrounding area.

We are continuously upgrading our equipment and chemicals according to the latest innovations in cleaning technology. We strive to surpass our client’s expectations and to set the standard for the carpet cleaning industry.

We use only equipment, materials and chemicals provided by long time industry leader “Prochem” In addition to using only the best chemicals in the industry, our steam carpet cleaning machines can remove dirt, dust and other unhealthy particles from your carpet by retracting water in and out of the carpet at over 400 PSI leaving it once again as soft and beautiful as when it was new. After the steam cleaning process is complete, your carpet should be dry to the touch within a few short hours.

Our technicians will also take steps to ensure optimal results while preventing shrinkage or other damage to your carpets. Please note steam cleaning is not recommended for certain fabrics such as rayon or carpets made of Jute, Sisal, Sea Grass or other organic fibers.

Please call if you have any questions regarding our cleaning procedures, equipment or to schedule an appointment. Our friendly and professional carpet cleaning teams are available seven days a week throughout the Calgary area.

Hypoallergenic, green and safe.

  • Environmentally safe & biodegradable products
  • 100% safe for babies, children, allergy sufferers and pets.
  • Nowadays more and more people are aware of the long term health affects of toxic chemicals in cleaning products.
  • Safe, more effective and better for the environment.
  • The result is cleaner indoor air, lower health risks for building occupants, fewer liabilities and far less to the environment.

Indoor Air Quality

All materials emit gasses from VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Carpet emits much lower levels than other common indoor products and poses no threat to consumers. For example, plywood emits twice as much VOC as carpet, 16 times more than wallpaper and 220 times more than paint.

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