Carpet Cleaning Tips

carpet cleaning

Tips to help you tackle most spots on your own between cleanings!

There are many myths on how to best remove day-to-day stains from your carpets, but how quickly and effectively you act will determine your success!
You will need some white absorbent cloth and the four basic solutions listed below.

Rubbing alcohol

1 tsp of gentle
detergent and
Half a pint of
warm water

Add 1 tbsp
of white vinegar
to the detergent
1 teaspoon of
ammonia to 1
cup of warm water


General Tips

Remember to dab rather than rub, never over-wet, and although you might not completely remove the stain, the correct routine will give us the best chance of success when we are called!

Cleaning F.A.Q.

1.    How do I clean alcohol, coffee, tea, liquid foods & urine?

2.    How do I clean chocolate, sweets, blood, glue, ice cream, milk, soft drinks, and vomit?

3.    How do I clean solids, fats, tars, chewing gum, oils, ointments, and shoe polish?

4.    What if the stain is unknown?

5.    What is the final rinsing procedure?